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Job Detail: Owner/Operator Position, KC Transportation

Published: May 18, 2016
Job Type: Owner/Operator
Location(s): Tennessee, United States
Ohio, United States
Pay: $80.00 Per Mile
Requirements: 80% of the gross revenue of the load O/O's must own a Stinger or a Tractor with a Car Trailer Current Estimated weekly settlements ranging from $3,000 - $5,000.00 after fuel Non-Forced Dispatch Group Discounts of Fuel and Insurances We pay your plates up Front IC's must have 1 year of Tractor Trailer Experience Valid Class A License and a Good MVR
Benefits: Non-Forced Dispatched, we only deal with brand new vehicles
More Job Information:
Offered By: KC Transportation
Michigan, United States
We currently operate our fleet of Tractors and Trailers throughout the Midwest. Our expertise serving the automotive sector has allowed us to grow into one of the largest minority owned trucking companies in the Midwest region
Contact: Lori Blouin
[email protected]