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Job Detail: Owner/Operator Position, Momentum Logistics Group

Published: January 22, 2022
Job Type: Owner/Operator
Location(s): Delaware, United States
New Jersey, United States
Pennsylvania, United States
Georgia, United States
Florida, United States
Texas, United States
California, United States
Ohio, United States
Pay: $2.50 Per Mile
Requirements: Authority Letter Signed W-9 Certificate of Insurance Carrier Packet
Benefits: We understand that every carrier is unique. As a dispatcher, I will cater my load search to your pricing requirement rate Negotiation Paperwork Invoice Safety & Compliance 24/7 Support
More Job Information:
Offered By: Momentum Logistics Group
New Jersey, United States
Momentum is an independent Freight Dispatch service. We specialize in finding freight that makes financial sense for your company.
Contact: Alexander Wright
[email protected]